Adult Daycare Accounting Solutions

Here at Fraze & Company, CPAs, we understand the level of care and personal attention that goes into operating a senior daycare facility. We pride ourselves on offering a similar level of service to our clients. That’s because we understand that to provide superior care to your clients, you aren’t likely to have spare time or staff to dedicate to financial tasks like daily bookkeeping or accounting. Our customized approach caters to your accounting needs, from budgets to payroll and invoicing to tax planning and preparation.

When you allow our Illinois, IL CPA firm team to evaluate your business and offer practical advice and solutions for your accounting practices, you maximize the time you spend managing your business and keep your focus where it should be, on your clients. Meanwhile, we provide precise, easy-to-read financial reports and customized accounting services you need so that you’re up-to-date on your business finances with just a glance.

Specialized Accounting for Adult Daycare Facilities

We welcome you to call us today at 815-434-0393 or schedule a free consultation online to learn more about how our capable team can help you take advantage of our expertise so you’re your business runs seamlessly now and in the future.